Circular walk - 64 miles (103 km) of varied terrain that can be walked in sections and joined at any stage.

Several years ago, whilst on holiday here in Scotland, I first walked part of the Cateran Trail which I joined at Kirkmichael.  I remember feeling immersed in the countryside.  It was quiet, peaceful and beautiful and one of those experiences that makes you stop and just be.

Since moving to Scotland and staying in the Blairgowrie area, I have happily walked quite a few miles of the trail, although by no means all of it.  Just last week we volunteered at the Alyth Creates Festival as marshals for the annual Cateran Trail Run.  It is clearly a popular event and participants completed their 11 mile run in good speed and apparently good health.  

Whether you prefer to run, walk or meander I would encourage anyone who is able to experience at least a section of the trail.  The path is well marked with waymarks and some additional characters, 'The Sentinels', to guide you on your way.  For geocaching enthusiasts there are 18 caches spread around the Cateran Trail.