Chapelton Cottage has been planned and designed to be accessible as possible.  The cottage is uncluttered but comfortable with ample space to move around.  There are no radiators as electric infrared wall panels provide heat for the home.  All doors are low threshold.  There are no steps or changes in floor level throughout the cottage.

Front door  -  flat slab/flagstone on approach off gravel drive.  Car can be parked right up beside the flagstone which measures 126cm x 130cm.  Front door handle 1m high.

From car port to patio doors -  pavers onto concrete patio and low threshold doorways.

Kitchen -  space between kitchen and dining table is 114cm.  Height of kitchen worktop is 92cm.  Height of kitchen table is 77cm.  Microwave door opener is at a height of 107cm and height of centre of control dials is 116cm.  Fridge/freezer and dishwasher are under counter height and the minimum access to these appliances is 114cm.  Under counter cupboard with carousel shelving.  Pantry cupboard with some accessible shelving.  Plates, bowls etc in drawer under counter.  Cutlery in drawer at end of kitchen table.

Light switches – 110cm to centre of switch.  Power sockets – 52.5cm to centre of switch.

Bedroom and bathroom door handles are at 1m high.  Patio doors are at 1m high and open outwards from the house.  Door widths throughout the cottage are  85cm – 90cm wide.

Wetroom/wc – comfort level toilet.  Electric shower start button is at a height of 145cm and the heat control is 154 cm.   Wash basin height is 78cm.  Heat control panel for the bathroom heater is on the outside of the bathroom and at a height of 140cm.

Bedroom 1 has Superking or Twin options for bed configuration.  Superking configuration maximum access beside the bed is 102 cm.  For twin configuration (beds not beside each other) max access is >2m. NB beds in Bedroom 1 are divan base beds. Storage is standard wardrobe and three drawers at 36cm.

Bedroom 2 has a double bed with divan base OR a standard bed frame allowing for equipment to be placed under bed is available upon request. Maximum access beside the bed is 136cm.  Storage - hanging space at height of 98cm.  Shelving from 36cm-96cm. 

Living room – space between sofas and armchair is approximately 70cm but this can be altered if necessary.  Tv has remote.

Meter board and main switches for appliances is in cupboard and at a height of 97cm.  The door latch for the cupboard is 112 cm.

Store – wheelchair access not possible from the house to the store but is possible from the patio door. 

Aids that are available upon request (no extra charge) - shower chair; perching stool; lightweight wheelchair.

Please contact us if you have any questions with regard to accessibility within the cottage or wish to discuss bed configuration requirements.   Items that are available if required are: standard double bed frame for bedroom 2 allowing space under the bed for equipment etc; shower chair; perching stool and light weight wheelchair.

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